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Arthur Parker offers an “account ofwholesale jerseys free shipping American Indian Freemasonry” in his short book,American Indian Freemasonry (1919), reprinted by 

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“It was in the land of the Senecas, those most powerful confederates of the famous Six Nations of the Iroquois.” Thus Arthur Parker begins, and you will notice this was in the “Burned Over District” of western New York State, which usually forebodes enchantments, mystery and the inexplicable. During the early 1800s there occurred there a general upheaval said to have been caused by the fire of the Holy Ghost. For this reason the area was nicknamed the “Burned Over District.”

It was during the cold of winter, wholesale cheap jerseysin the moon of Nis-ko-wuk-ni, that a bronze-skinned guide was followed by three pilgrims on a journey “toward the mysterious East.” You will notice there were four, and yet three in the group. “In all there were five, for such is the order of the journey.” (The fifth was the conductor, who assured safety “from all danger not of their own making.”)

The flickering light held by the guide cast a slender ray upon the wooded trail. At length, a lodge loomed from amidst the forest. It was the Lodge of the Ancient Guards of the Mystic Potence!

The group entered the Lodgehttp://www.2012wholesalejerseysfoyou.com of the Mystic Potence, and the door was closed. After some hours, “the sounds of a peculiar chant, the blend of wild forest sounds mingled with a strange rushing noise, like that of a great cataract,” might have been heard.

Ho-doin-jai-ey, Ho-skwi-sa-oh and Ga-jee-wa were the names of the three who had been led by the guide. These formed the mystic triangle. Inside the lodge they were told the legend of the Ancient Guards.

Legend of the Ancient Guards

Red Hand, a young chief, had received “certain mysterious knowledge that made the covetous envy him.” At a certain place, Red Hand spoke to the Great Mystery and the Great Mystery spoke to him.

Red Hand led a war party south, to the valley of the Ohio. He separated from his men, hunting the enemy chief. A poisoned arrow struck Red Hand and he fell. The assassin hurried to him and demanded to know the secret of Red Hand’s power. When Red Hand refused to tell, the enemy scalped Red Hand.

A wolf lifted his nose and smelled blood. He led the rest of the wolf pack and they followed the scent. When the wolf looked and saw the body was that of Brother Friend Red Hand, he howled in a special way and the chiefs of all the animals and even the chiefs of the plants and trees came.


These assembled chiefs of the animals, plants, and trees recovered the scalp of Red Hand. “It was placed on the crown of Red Hand’s head and grew fast.” Then the assembled chiefs each contributed vital parts of their beings, “the tips of their hearts and the hearts of their brains.” These life sparks were reduced to dust so there was only enough to fill an acorn cup.

The wolf took a cup of bark filled with water and put three tiny grains of the dust into it. “This water of life was poured into the mouth of Red Hand and he moved. A compress of the water healed his wounds. Then the chosen band commenced to chant the ritual of the Ancient Guardians of the Mystic Potence.”

“The Bear grasped the hand of the Leader who was to be raised, though slain. The Bear grasped his hand and by a strong grip raised Red Hand to his feet. All was darkness, but Red Hand lived.”

Red Hand then heard a strong voice which asked several questions:

§  Hast thou cleansed thyself from human guilt and impurity? (Yes, answered Red Hand.)

§  Hast thou ill will toward any of thy fellow creatures? (No, Red Hand replied.)

§  Wilt thou trust and obey us, keeping thyself always chaste and valorous? (I will, declared Red Hand.)

§  Wilt thou hold this power with which we endow thee for thine own chosen company only? (I will, said Red Hand.)

§  Wilt thou endure death or torture in its cause? (Yes, promised Red Hand.)

§  Wilt thou vow this secret never to be revealed save at thy death hour? (Red Hand thus vowed.)

Red Hand was led to the summit of a mountain. There in the circle of an altar he was given the box which holds the mystic potence that restores men to life and heals wounds. The voice sounded again and said, “Guard well this mystic potence for while ye have it thy people shall endure. When it is gone they shall be no more. Go and found an order that shall know all this wisdom and preserve in the bonds of faithful brotherhood the mysteries, the chants and the will to perform the task of spreading the knowledge of the kinship of all created things.”

Thus the secret order of a sort of American Indian Freemasonry was founded. After many centuries, the faithful fraternity still (1919) remains.

“Little has been told; the door has only been held ajar the slightest space and no secrets have been revealed. There were feather wands and deer skins, but no purple robes or crowns. Yet, who shall say that the Senecas have not the thread of the legend of Osiris or that they have not an inherent Freemasonry?”