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 A long arm stretches upwards, parallel tonfl jerseys wholesale the wall, then bends at a right angle and runs along the ceiling, culminating in a large luminous bulb. Potence Pivotante proves that such simple materials as tubular metal and frosted white glass can define a lamp that is as essential as it is charming and timeless, thanks to the ingenuity of an exceptional talent:Charlotte Perriand.

Being hinged at the base, the lamp may be wholesale nfl jerseyspositioned at will anywhere along the circular path that its arm can complete on the ceiling. This solution was adopted by the architect to optimize the efficiency of the lamhttp://www.2012wholesalejerseysfoyou.com, expressly designed in the Forties for flexibly illuminating her small Parisian apartment.

Potence Pivotante, by Charlotte Perriand, for Nemo