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tired of his Musclewholesale cheap jerseys Hamster moniker. , Martin thinks a Hamster isn't "the most beast-iest animal", and he'd likenfl jerseys wholesalesomething like T-Rex. Well, tough luck Martin, because no one gets to choose his own nicknames. Nope. Besides, T-Rex? A little lame and not really all that fitting, no?

Over here, though, we are the fans and we do get to choose your nickname. If you need a little help coming up with one, we'd be more than happy to oblige. Martin has certainly earned a nickname after his national coming out party on Thursday Night Football. No more Muscle Hamster? We need something else!

So guys, come up with newhttp://www.2012wholesalejerseysfoyou.com nicknames in the comments. I'll start using the nickname with the most Recs in articles (provided it's not too vulgar). Post your nickname, and recommend the nicknames you like!