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Idaho NFL ties, Week 14: Martin scores, Johnson forces a fumble


Drew Magary's Thursday Afternoon nhl hockey jerseysNFL Dick Joke Jamboroo runs every Thursday during the NFL season.

Oh hey, what are you doing this Saturday? I'll tell you what you won't be doing: watching football. You will watch the Army-Navy game for five minutes before realizing you're watching Army play Navy and then the rest of your day will be a giant sea of NOTHING. For the seventh straight year, the NFL won't be playing 

In fact, they won't even be playing Saturday night games anymore. There's one Saturday game being played this entire season, and that's during Week 16 to avoid a Monday night game on Christmas Eve. The NFL Network's Saturday Night Footballschedule got thrown into the trash heap when the league decided to go with a full Thursday night schedule, a move that has brought Roger Goodell universal scorn. From Andrew Sharp at

Football fans openly mock Thursday games discount nfl jerseys or just ignore them, the games are forgotten as soon as they happen, and the whole thing only exists because it's leverage to help the NFL gouge cable providers into carrying the NFL Network at a premium, a cost that's instantly passed on to you.

Essentially, Roger Goodell has shifted all http://www.cheapjerseysma.compotential Saturday games over to Thursday night to improve ratings so that he can jack up rights fees. The move is arguably paying off because ratings for the game have improved over the past year (though I have to think that increasing the number of carriers for the network has more to do with that than actual fan interest) and because the league was finally able to strongarm Time Warner Cable into carrying NFLN. But I don't know why that has to come at the expense of Saturday football. You can actually play football on Thursday and Saturday, you know. There are 10 1 p.m. Sunday games this week. TEN. Why?! They won't even fit on the Game Mix channel. Red Zone Channel would still be balls-to-the-wall if you took two games out of the mix.

And there's nothing irresponsible from a safety standpoint about shifting a game to Saturday. Unlike Thursday football, it doesn't compress the practice week to such a degree that it leaves players and coaches utterly compromised. It's just one day. There's no increased danger to players apart from the danger that already exists.

SO WHY IN THE LIVING FUCK AM I STUCK WATCHING NOTHING ON SATURDAYS FOR A FULL MONTH? You know what football games are on a week from Saturday? The Gildan New Mexico Bowl and the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. That's it. That's the schedule. I have to sit here like an ASSHOLE and attempt to tolerate Toledo-Utah State when I could be watching hot, sweaty NFL action just as the season is reaching its crescendo. Like I always argue, they play wild-card games and divisional playoff games on Saturdays. Why should the final month of the regular season be any different? Does the NFL not like increased enthusiasm for its sport at a time of cresting media scrutiny? I bet Roger Goodell schedules a Thursday night playoff game before he goes back to Saturday afternoon football. And you know why? BECAUSE HE SUCKS ROCKETS.

God, this December is gonna be so depressing. I'm gonna accidentally flip to a college basketball game on a Saturday afternoon and it will already feel like I'm trapped in the armpit of mid-February. I can't stand it. It doesn't have to be this way. It WASN'T this way seven years ago. Now Roger Goodell has ruined December for me forever. HE'S A GINGER GRINCH ASSHOLE, IS WHAT HE IS. Give me my Saturday NFL games back, you filthy mailboy.